Find what you need with our extensive catalog

Extensive catalog

Over 1,00,000 products across 100 product categories from 500+ brands

Interface like B2C

ONESOURCE corporate customers can experience an enhanced buying experience similar to the consumer domain

Fast reliable purchase

Now purchase goods faster than before. Search, add to cart and checkout

Pay the way you want to

Checkout through a purchase requisition or your corporate card


Raise a 3 bid buy for special or bulk requirements

Simple as an email

Raising a 3-bid buy is as simple as writing an email; it takes just a few minutes.


Add a questionnaire to get specific answers from a supplier.

Access 1000s of ONESOURCE approved suppliers.


Manage your requisitions faster with much higher visibility

Approval workflow

Define approval flow as per your business rules and policies

Track your order

End to end visibility of your order from requisition to delivery

Purchasing system integration

Implement it as a standalone platform or integrate it with your ERP and SSO login. Option to create a punch-out catalog.

Multi-user accounts

Different user privileges to manage access and control risk profile

Spend Analytics

Greater visibility

Real-time spend analytics on your low value spend

Track your order

End to end visibility of your order from requisition to delivery

Manage low value spend

Identify where maximum spend happens and on what products. Unlock savings upto 10%.

Spend Analytics Dashboard

Slice and dice the data as required with our extensive filters and sorting capability

Budget Management

Control where and how much is spent using spend limits

Manage actual spend

Load budgets at a category level and by month to ensure actual expenses remain under budget


Get notified of requisitions which exceed the budget


Track actual spend vs. budget in your dashboard, filter and sort your results

Inventory Management

No more paper registers, manage inventory through our technology enabled platform

Minimum inventory

Never fall short of a product by defining minimum inventory and consumption patterns. Real-time spend analytics on your tail-end spend and indirect spends.

Automatic reorder

Automatic raising of purchase requisitions through our intelligent algorithms

Upload via template

Upload category-wise inventory via the easy to use interface or upload through an excel template

Master PO

Input your consumption patterns and avoid the hassle to seek approvals for requisitions for regularly used goods


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