Manufacturing Large Corporations

Manufacturing by its very nature required multiple shifts, has remote locations and requires to maintain critical product inventories to ensure smooth operations. OneSource has a extensive catalog with categorized products delivered to multiple locations across 24x7 to ensure your production lines never stop buzzing.

Steer your spend

With supplier aggregation, save up to 10% of your low value spend, reduce requisition to buying cycle time by 30% and increase resource efficiency by 20-25%.

Financial eyeglasses

Increase spend under management through effective catalog implementation. Free up your procurement specialist bandwidth to play the strategic role they were meant for.

Compliance is everything

Robust supplier prequalification and onboarding ensures adherence to policies and processes. Audit trails ensure fraud prevention and avoid pilferage.

Enhanced buyer experience

Shop from an extensive catalog with over 1,00,000 products across categories. Order tracking, multiple payment options and built-in approvals make purchasing a breeze.