Residential Townships

As a community it is very important to have visibility and transparency on spend. We at OneSource have created an extensive product catalog with provision for budgets and inventory to help you control spend and guard against fraud and pilferage.

Increase transparency

You can control your spend, see how it is spread across categories and generate reports on increase or decrease year on year to ensure transparency and prevent over spending. Potential savings and efficiencies can be showcased using our business intelligence tools.

Saving and efficiency

We enable you to drive savings of 5-10% on your low value spend along with enabling your existing staff to fulfill the procurement role and drive resource efficiency. Community buying is possible to reduce costs for residents across categories.

Compliance is everything

We have robust built in approval flows to ensure that there are checks and balances built in to prevent any misuse of the system. These can be customized to your needs to fulfill all regulatory requirements for efficient working of RWA’s etc.

Comprehensive buying platform

End to end buying platform which includes extensive catalog, 3 bid buy, inventory and budget management and spend analytics. Say goodbye to paper with electronic approvals and audit trail.