Travel & Hospitality

Complex operations with multiple locations and suppliers make timely and accurate delivery a big challenge. There is high adhoc spend and limited spend visibility by category. The high price and brand consciousness mean that even the slightest fluctuations can have a major impact on bottom lines and brand image.

Saving and efficiency

With supplier aggregation, save up to 10% on your low value spend, reduce requisition to buying time by 30% and increase resource efficiency by 20-25%.

Comprehensive buying platform

End to end buying platform which includes extensive catalog, 3 bid buy, inventory and budget management and spend analytics. Say goodbye to paper with electronic approvals and audit trail.

Compliance is everything

Robust supplier prequalification and onboarding ensures adherence to policies and processes. Audit trails ensure fraud prevention and avoid pilferage.

Spend visibility

Built in budget and inventory features help you to efficiently manages expenses and avoid stock-outs. Spend dashboards enable to compare spend patterns and put in strategies to meet target savings.